You will receive a speeding or motor infraction ticket at some point in your driving career. Sentences for these offences can range from speed awareness classes to points on your record and a £100 fine. You can also receive a disqualification that keeps you from driving for a lengthy period of time.

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If you find yourself in this situation, you can either pay the fine and take the consequences or enlist the services of a speeding solicitor. Your solicitor will give you guidelines to avoid these penalties. They are experienced in the driving laws in the U.K. and know how to defend against penalties.

Driving Offences : Road traffic offences can be costly. Road traffic offences include:

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence
  • Careless driving
  • Texting or using your mobile phone while driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Causing injuries or even death in the event of negligence or an accident
  • No insurance
  • Traffic light offences
  • Defective vehicle

Call an experienced solicitor who specializes in traffic offences. Most traffic offences carry penalty points. Points range from three to twelve. If you have multiple traffic offences you will find that the points quickly add up and you may face the possibility of license disqualification.

What a Driving Solicitor Can Do
It can be difficult to know the speed limit or not realize you are driving over the limit. There are more and more speed cameras around and speeding is a common offence. You can also get an infraction ticket for driving erratically, carelessly, or causing dangerous situations. You may not know what you are doing, but the camera does.

A solicitor can advise you if:

  • You are not sure if you should plead guilty or not.
  • Are not aware of available defences. Do note that if you have 12 points on your license within 3 years, the Courts will disqualify you from driving. You need to convince them otherwise.
    You want to keep your license.

Specialists will challenge the reading and use their knowledge and contacts to add leading driving experts to be a part of your defense team. These experts can assist the solicitor in highlighting any errors. They will point out that cameras are not infallible and policeman can make errors. You are advised not to plead guilty; there can be a defense. If you have no case, we will inform you. Our driving specialists and solicitors will be your representative in court. Knowledgeable solicitors can defend your case and present it in the best light possible.

If you choose to plead via the post and it is allowed by the Court, your motoring solicitor will help you prepare a letter of mitigation or a letter sent to the Court explaining your circumstances. This letter will give your point of view.

It is very important that you contact a driving solicitor to help with your case. If you are at risk of losing your license, you will need to contact help as soon as possible. Then you can rest assured that your case is in capable hands.

Save your Driving License You will receive a speeding or motor infraction ticket